What is This?

This is a website: if you haven’t figured that out by now, I don’t know if we can be together.

More specifically, it is a site for (among other things) writing. I hope that it will perform many roles: journal, salon, storehouse, portfolio, cabaret, and exhibit. I want to show you what I’m making, entertain you, and see what you are making. Eclectica is the goal.

The site is organized into three different sections—a triptych of sorts. Creation houses literary and artistic work. Exploration is a place for sharing and processing experiences from travel and adventure. Conversation has been a bit more difficult to categorize. What is this?

All writing is an act of conversation, abstracted. This is a reality that I want to make explicit in this section. Our thoughts and scribbles do not take place in a vacuum; when we produce something, it is inevitably part of an imagined community—and an imagined community is no less real than a material one. I want to emphasize reading and writing as acts of community building, and then facilitate them.

Lofty, or whatever. That amounts to engaging with other writers and synthesizing disparate sources. Conversation is a place where I can digest what I’m ingesting. That may be an essay on current events, or it may be weaving together what I’ve absorbed today (brushing up on the Vikings, a killer Daily Show segment, or an article from NPR). I want to respond to others and elicit responses from others.

So, with all of that said, welcome. I sincerely hope that this brings you enjoyment alongside food for thought.